We Offer Several Types of Log Constructions

  • Piece en Piece
  • Full Length Log Scandinavian with Compression and Shrink Notches
  • Repairs and Restorations
  • Additions to Existing Log or Frame Buildings

We Use a Unique Piece en Piece Wall System

  • Choice of logs: White, red or Jack Pine (up to 20” Diameter)
  • Hand peeled and scribed for a chinkless, insulated fit
  • Log panels are thru-bolted and shipped assembled, anywhere
  • Timber superstructure does not settle
  • Openings are either keyed or timber-framed
  • Joints sealed with sill gasket or caulked
  • Pre-drilled to accept electrical wiring
  • Logs can be round or flat

Advantages of Piece en Piece

  • Settling problems are eliminated
  • Slip flashing on roof
  • Movement of roof structure
  • Frame walls do not float and can be used to support
  • Frame walls attach to vertical posts
  • Our thru-bolt system ensures a lasting tight fit during settling
  • Maximum panel length of 16’ eliminates problems caused by taper
  • Shorter logs are readily available and less expensive
  • Pre-assembled panels are erected quickly
  • Plumbing and wiring installed easily


Roof System

  • Prefabricated purlin, ridge pole-king post
  • 8’ wide panels can accept up to R-40
  • Sections are bolted toggether
  • Continuous 6 mil vapour barrier
  • Vaulted ceiling covered in 1” x 8” white pine
  • Exterior roof finished on site after necessary wiring is completed
  • Choice of exterior finishing: Shingles, metal or shakes
  • Gable ends done on site

"We also specialize in Log Home Repair, Staircases, and Handrails."

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